Tom Goodman, QCxA

Senior Commissioning Specialist


Tom brings over 50 years of Building Automation Systems (BAS) and commercial HVAC experience to OCI and currently serves as a Senior Commissioning Specialist. His day-to-day responsibilities include developing custom commissioning plans for each project, preparing pre-functional test checklists, performing functional tests, and providing final commissioning reports. These tasks are implemented for projects of varying size and complexity for his clients, typically focused on improving mechanical, electrical and other energy consuming systems. Additionally, he also coordinates with local utilities for project review and can help secure available rebates and incentives for your projects. His range of knowledge includes Fundamental, Enhanced and Re-commissioning for K-12 schools, higher education buildings, healthcare, government, aviation, and office buildings. Tom also brings extensive experience as an Application Engineer and Operations Manager playing a pivotal role in managing all aspects of your commissioning needs with his management experience and is a registered Qualified Commissioning Process Provider (QCxP).

Team Member Qualifications

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