Central Energy Plant for St. Lucie Schools

Fort Pierce, FL

About this Project

OCI Associates, Inc. was contracted by St. Lucie County Public Schools as the prime mechanical, electrical and plumbing consultant under their current Continuing Service Contract, to investigate three existing school sites located on the same parcel of land. The school campuses range from 40-60 years old and have had many additions over the years. The schools were experiencing multiple failures to their individual chilled water plants that consisted of air-cooled chillers with a constant volume pumping systems. The central energy plants also required ongoing maintenance.

OCI provided the owner an evaluation report of the existing building conditions and recommendations to improve energy efficiency,  equipment operations, and maintenance for the three schools systems. OCI made recommendations to the owner to design and construct a new central energy plant to be located centrally among all three schools on the same parcel of land. The new central energy plant supplies each school their chilled water requirements by utilizing a new underground piping system that consists of HDPE insulated piping for improved construction. The new central plant consists of two 340-Ton air cooled chillers supplemented with a thermal ice storage system for peak load requirements. The pumping system includes primary and secondary pumping systems for optimum efficiency.

The project received an extensive Commissioning process conducted by OCI for intended design related to the construction and system function. OCI was asked by the St. Lucie County Public Schools to manage all the units simultaneously as one project for the district.

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