Pinellas County Jail

Clearwater, Florida

About this Project

OCI’s talented team provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and IT/AV engineering services for the Design/Building comprehensive renovation of the Pinellas County Jail located in Clearwater, FL.

Phase I of this project included the design and construction of two new buildings. One houses the facility’s kitchen, laundry room and central energy plant. The second new building houses the incoming receiving operations, facilities maintenance and a warehouse.

The new central energy plant is designed with a Cogeneration system with a two-megawatt full time power generator and 1,000-ton absorption chiller. The absorption chiller reclaims the waste heat from the generator exhaust and cooling system to provide approximately 500-tons of free chilled water. The system is designed to be expanded to double the capacity with an additional two-megawatt generator and 1,000-ton absorption chiller. The system also includes two 1,500-ton centrifugal chillers with space for expansion. The jacket hot water from the generator is also used to preheat the hot water and steam systems. The main building is served by two central station chilled water rooftop and the new buildings by three central station indoor chilled water units.

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