Palm Coast City Hall

A USGBC LEED® Silver Project

About this Project

This 2-story, tilt-wall concrete panel building is served by a central chilled water plant comprised of a York high-efficiency air-cooled chiller with integral variable speed pumps and associated accessories. Ventilation and conditioned air is provided by five York chilled water air handling units with variable frequency drives and distributed to various service zones throughout the building by VAV units with electrical reheat coils. Additionally, several small DX units are used to provide 24/7 cooling to rooms with specialized IT and electrical equipment. A Johnson Controls building automation system is used to control, monitor and troubleshoot the HVAC systems from onsite and remote locations via web-based software. The domestic hot water system is comprised of one 80-gallon, 30 KW, commercial electric tank water heater that serves the entire building. The system includes a recirculating pump to maintain hot water temp within the hot water supply mains. Some remote fixtures are served by a point-of-use electric instant hot water heater. Plumbing fixtures are all low flow to achieve maximum USGBC LEED® credits.

LEED Silver Certified USGBC LEED® Silver

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