Celebration Senior Living

Assisted Living Facility in Central Florida

About this Project

Celebration Senior Living is a planned 3-story, 348,235 square foot retirement community located in Celebration, Florida. The development site is on 9 acres and is scheduled to have 55 assisted living apartments, 33 beds for memory care, and 152 independent living apartments for a total of 240 units. The onsite amenities include a salon, spa, fitness areas, game rooms, in-house therapy, medical clinic, nurses’ stations, ADA accessible pool, and a restaurant.

Each living unit is designed to have a duct mounted air purification system and chilled water fan coil with electric heat coils and a local thermostat for zone control. The public spaces are equipped with chilled water AHU and VAV terminals with local electric heat/reheat for zone temperature control. Fire suppression designed for the facility is an automatic wet fire protection system in compliance with the NFPA 13.  OCI also provided electrical design work for the exterior lighting, 221 space parking lot, entry system, and security system.

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