Manatee Elementary & Middle School Central Energy Plant & HVAC Renovation

Collier County Public Schools

About this Project

OCI Associates, Inc. provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineering design services for the renovation of an existing Central Energy Plant located on the campus of Manatee Elementary and Middle School in Naples, Florida.

The project involved an expansion and renovation of the existing “FAFCO” Thermal Ice Storage Tank System that supported the two schools with a combined square footage of 240,000 feet. The renovated system includes two 400-Ton air-cooled chillers, pumps, controls and ice tanks. The chilled water pumping system is a constant volume primary/variable secondary system with three constant-flow primary chilled water pumps, with the third as a stand-by. The secondary system is provided with two, VFD controlled chilled water pumps serving the campus distribution loop with each pump alternating operation on a weekly basis with the other serving as a stand-by. In addition to the HVAC improvements, OCI’s team provided upgrades to the campus lighting. power distribution, ITS/AV Systems, and a new campus-wide Direct Digital Control System.

The project was designed under OCI’s Prime MEP Continuing Services Contract with the School District of Collier County. OCI’s team managed the project along with the architectural and structural engineering consultants from design through construction. The construction of the eight-phase project took place while the campus was fully occupied by students and staff.

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