U.S. Army Fort Meade Building 9802

Fort Meade, MD

About this Project

OCI is working with Kiewit Federal Group, Inc. under their IDIQ to provide electrical, security and emergency generator upgrade design for Building 9802 at Fort Meade in Maryland. The project involved providing CAC access controls for multiple entry points to restricted interior areas of Building 9802. Access control features include secured doors in the corridors, cameras, card readers, two communication system, and an access override system for remote admittance to each monitored door that is controlled by the staff. An emergency power supply was provided to the security system devices from the existing emergency panels in the building. All the secured doors were connected to the building fire alarm system for their release in case of a fire in the building. Under the same contract, our team also provided the design for upgrading the emergency power generators that provide power to two server rooms,  the life safety systems, and other systems in the building.

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