U.S. Army Fort Detrick Building 201

Fort Detrick, MD

About this Project

OCI provided MEP engineering services for design-build projects with Kiewit Federal group Inc. under IDIQ contract with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The original HVAC system in the building was installed in 1944 and building had indoor air quality issues. The entire HVAC system needed to be replaced, but due to budget limitation, the project was broken down into phases. The initial task was to replace existing central air handling system, chiller & cooling tower and associated pumping system. Due to funding constraints, the client decided to replace the ductwork and air distribution system under a separate construction contract.

OCI surveyed existing systems in the building, studied the history of all modifications made over time and performed load calculations for the building. Our team’s initial analysis indicated that HVAC replacement per initial project phasing and scope of work would hinder the designing an efficient HVAC system. We provided a study report for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that proposed three different approaches and strategies. Each approach presented a different HVAC system, schematic designs for each option, and recommended variable refrigerant system (VRF) with localized multiple fan coils. The VRG would provide flexibility in thermal zones and provide a huge advantage on energy conservation for the building. Budget analysis by Kiewit Federal Group showed OCI’s recommendations were the best approach for the project and resulted in saving considerable initial construction cost and allowed the entire HVAC system to be replaced within the set budget.

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