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Valencia College’s East Campus School of Arts and Entertainment Building is a state-of-the-art facility that provides space for the college’s film, sound, and music technology programs. It features a 2,500 square foot sound stage, a 125-seat theater, recording studios, editing suites, digital media production studio, and collaborative artist workspaces.

OCI’s engineering team provided services for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design. Our design team adhered to strict acoustical requirements outlined by the architect’s sound consultant. Design features to enhance the facilities acoustical properties include surface mounted electrical outlets, gasketed light fixtures to reduce vibration, and sound attenuation on the ductwork penetrations to acoustically sensitive areas. Vibration dampening is added to all ductwork and VAV boxes, and oversized ductwork is incorporated to reduce velocity and in turn, noise from the HVAC system.

The mechanical design includes four single-path chilled water VAV AHUs that tie into the existing chilled water central energy plant. The IT closets are equipped with direct expansion (DX) units to keep the equipment room at optimal operating temperature. Air quality improvement measures include bipolar ionization for indoor air quality and air purification systems for outside air reduction. A direct digital control system (DDC) remotely monitors the room temperatures and CO2 levels of the building and makes adjustments to each room based on occupancy detected.

Other building system design details such as plumbing include hot water supply, sanitary sewer and storm drainage systems, and domestic water distribution. The fire protection system design consists of a full wet sprinkler system by NFPA 13 standards. The buildings electrical design includes green features such as LED lighting fixtures, IT/Voice Data systems, and building access controls.

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