HostDime.Com Corporate Headquarters & Data Center

Eatonville, FL

About this Project

HostDime’s flagship corporate headquarters and data center design includes a seven-story building 88,000 square foot hi-tech facility. Three floors are dedicated to the data center which will be able to host more than 35,000 servers at full capacity. The remaining four levels are designed for offices, executive room suites for overnight customer visits, conference rooms, training center, 3,500 square feet of outside terrace, break rooms, a cafeteria, and a 36-foot high warehouse storage area. Amenities include a three-story high atrium, 2-story basketball court at the upper levels of the building, a quiet room, a staff game room, and a small fitness gym.

The electrical power distribution design features a tri-isolated redundant system which will allow the facility to sustain multiple power failures and still be operational.  The backup power system design consists of six 2MW diesel generators at full build out. The security system design features facial recognition access controls and 360-degree security cameras. The IT design includes 144 strands of fiber cables to support 30 racks and cabinets for the three data center floors. The audio-visual design consists of video walls in the lobby that are 4.5 feet by 16 feet and 18 feet by 15.5 feet respectively, and 14 foot by 16-foot video walls in the network operations center and the gymnasium. A total of 75 flat-panel LED screens are used to create the four video walls.

The HVAC design includes six 400-ton air cooled chillers for three-tier redundant cooling; suspended chilled water fan coil units with zone level control; bi-polar ionization for reduced ventilation requirements and overall cooling load; and a dedicated outdoor air unit with integrated energy recovery unit for the office area building exhaust. The server floors are designed with chilled water air conditioning units with three-tier redundancy with cold aisle/hot aisle configuration with underfloor air distribution. The design team used Aquatherm chilled water piping as a lightweight solution for the building.

Green initiatives for the HostDime Corporate Headquarters and Data Center include a rooftop solar array that is planned to provide 25% of the facilities power. LED lighting and monitors are part of the design to reduce energy consumption. The building is also designed as a Category 5 hurricane-rated facility.

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