Meacham International Airport

FBO Aircraft Hanger

About this Project

This hangar was part of a four-phase project consisting of hangars 11N, 12N, 14N and 15N. All hangars are classified as Group II aircraft hangars.

OCI’s fire protection team designed the sprinkler systems as per NFPA 409 Chapter 7, protection of Group II aircraft hangars housing unfueled aircraft. The hangers are equipped with an automatic sprinkler protection with foam water hand-hose systems and water hand hose systems spaced throughout the hangars and adjoining office spaces. A wet automatic sprinkler system is provided throughout offices spaces.

OCI’s mechanical team designed the HVAC system with a packaged rooftop heat pump system with fan terminal boxes and electric heat-strips. These systems provide cooling and heating air to the office spaces located adjacent to the hangar. A Building Automated System (BAS) Interfaces operates the HVAC system and allows for automated and remote control of the building systems. The hangar is equipped with Large Wall Louvers to provide natural ventilation in the space based on the orientation of the building. Hangar 15N is also equipped with High-Velocity Low-Speed fans within the large volume space.entation of the building.

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