George A. Smathers Library Upgrade

University of Florida, Main Campus

About this Project

The George A. Smathers Library, originally build in 1927, is the oldest library on the University of Florida’s campus. There were two central portions to this project scope. The first was to determine a plan for the replacement of the existing AHU-6 that serves as the dehumidification and outdoor air delivery for the seven-story stack area. The second portion of the scope was to develop a plan and recommendation for the future replacement of the remaining air handling units throughout the building.

Within the Stack Areas, OCI replaced AHU-6B with a new dedicated 100% outdoor air system.  The system is a packaged rooftop style unit located directly above the existing mechanical room, which allows for a better rooftop configuration and provides proper access and clearance for maintenance and service. The technology for the new system incorporated energy recovery equipment such as desiccants wheels, fixed plate heat exchangers. We oversaw structural modifications and improvements to support the new equipment and developed recommendations to increase filtration airflow requirements per ASHRAE recommendations

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