Senior Mechanical Engineer

The following description outlines the objectives, needs, and requirements for the position of the Senior Mechanical Engineer at OCI Associates, Inc. The position is for our West Palm Beach office.

This position will allow the individual to make important contributions to the OCI team. The professional and technical requirements of this position involve exposure to a continuous array of opportunities which can contribute to the steady and consistent growth and success of both the individual and OCI.

In order to fulfill the expectations of this position and based on the individual’s level of experience, the individual will be given guidance, direction and mentoring from senior engineers and other experienced staff members to continuously develop and improve the capabilities required of the position.


  1. To deliver creative, practical, and cost-effective design engineering while maintaining an appropriate quality standard.
  2. To develop a clear understanding of the entire construction process from concept to completion so that the talents and experience acquired will allow the individual to become an integral element of the team process which will provide the Client with engineering services which will meet or exceed the Client’s expectations.
  3. To learn to continuously promote positive communications and professional relationships with other team members.
  4. To learn and stay abreast of the organized engineering processes of the consulting engineering profession to allow for efficient flow of work and the optimum use of engineering resources.
  5. To grow within an open environment where mentoring and professional education is the standard.


  • To provide consistently excellent engineering services to our clients which will meet or exceed their expectations.
  • To travel as the occasion may arise to perform or assist other staff in site investigations make on-site assessment of the client’s needs to accurately determine the scope of required engineering services and other requirements.
  • To attend meetings alone or with other staff and to professionally interact with architects, owners, other design and construction professionals, and with various code officials in defining and performing overall project engineering tasks. Additionally, after initial relationships are established with these persons, the individual should be able to quickly acquire the ability to assume much of the design interactive communications, both verbal and written, to produce the project.
  • To learn and continually stay abreast of the various products, components, materials, and construction methods that are available for use in creating the most cost-effective designs, and to cultivate a continued awareness of their relative costs.
  • To steadily improve professional capability by consistent self-study, interaction with other industry professionals, and by involvement in such continuing education opportunities as may be appropriate.
  • To develop knowledge of local, state and national codes as applicable to the work.
  • To be able to clearly convey information, ideas and concepts in written, graphic and/or verbal form as necessary
  • To be able to work with others with the mutual respect necessary to foster the team spirit needed to have all team members willingly share in the team’s responsibility to provide a quality work product.
  • To learn various ways to organize, prioritize and schedule tasks to be performed by both you and others in order to complete a project within the scope, budget and time schedule requirements.



The following duties and responsibilities highlight the requirements of the position and define the general expectations of duties and responsibilities. Again, guidance and direction will be available from senior staff to promote as accelerated a learning process as is practical for the individual.

  • Obtain all information necessary to satisfactorily determine preliminary mechanical engineering concepts to provide the Client with the engineering options needed to meet the Client’s intended vision for the project.
  • Determine scope and definition of all mechanical systems intended for use on any given project.
    Develop capability to utilize current industry accepted computer programs to produce the mechanical systems designs including lighting and power.
  • Verify code compliance of the system designs.
  • Continuously seek out the proper recognized professional literature in order to know where to find the information needed to get reasonable engineering answers and solutions.
  • Develop an adequate understanding of how all components of proposed mechanical systems function in order to be able to evaluate overall system performance under varied conditions.
  • Develop design concepts for mechanical systems for review and approval.
  • Preparation of necessary mechanical diagrams, system layouts, and specifications for heating, ventilating, air conditioning, plumbing and fire protection.
  • Determine cost-effective system layouts, quantities, and sizes for the various components of the mechanical systems.
  • Selection and scheduling of equipment on all systems designed.
  • Perform construction administration tasks including, but not limited to, site observations, shop drawing review, and preparation of punch lists.
  • Preparation and layout of CAD drawings or REVIT models and coordination with all other disciplines at all phases of project production, including schematic design phase, design development phase, permitting phase, and construction documents phase.
  • Develop the Construction Specifications Institute specifications system in defining the project criteria for construction.
  • Implement green design practices associated with green rating systems such as the USGBC LEED or Green Globes.



  • Engineering oversight and training, to accomplish the above objectives and to handle the various responsibilities will be provided on a continuous basis. A major part of your supervisor’s responsibility will be to provide you with the opportunities to allow you to grow and develop to your fullest potential.
  • Participation is encouraged in the activities of engineering societies and organizations which will enhance personal and professional growth.
  • All reasonable professional dues and registration fees paid by employer.
  • Employer will provide computer hardware and software.



  • Have the desire to grow and excel as a complete professional person with balanced interests.
  • Have the desire and capability to promote positive communications and relationships with our clients, to listen to them, understand their needs, and to help prioritize their needs.
  • Have the willingness to accept direction and constructive criticism to better understand and support the consulting engineering process towards the objective of providing excellent client service.
  • Have a healthy degree of self-doubt with the desire to have one’s work product checked, and to learn how to review the work of others.
  • Have the energy and determination to get the job done.



  • Professional Engineer (PE) License
  • Five (5) years of mechanical design experience
  • Proficiency with AutoCAD and REVIT
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office suite including Word, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, FTP share sites, and engineering software related to system designs and load calculations



  • Eight (8) years of experience
  • LEED AP, BD+C, CEM, Green Building Associates Certification or similar certifications
  • Experienced in designing either K-12, Higher Education, Public Safety, Healthcare, Multi-family, and/or Government Facilities building types



OCI Associates Inc. is a growing and respected consulting engineering firm headquartered in Maitland, Florida, with additional offices in Ft. Pierce, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Tampa, Miami, Washington DC, Baltimore, Norfolk, Dallas and San Francisco.

We provide mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, information technology systems and audio-visual consulting services to public and private sector incorporating the design, specification and construction administration of these systems. Our projects include, but are not limited to commercial, institutional, governmental and educational facilities.

Our continued growth has created outstanding career opportunities for qualified persons who are production motivated; enjoy working in a true team environment with professional flexibility, and who continuously strive to be among the best in their profession. OCI believes that an individual’s continuous growth is the greatest asset to the overall team.

OCI Associates, Inc offers the following:

The opportunity to design a variety of projects across the United States from Aviation, Higher Educations, Hotels and Resorts, Entertainment, Charter Schools and K-12, Retail, Multifamily, Healthcare and Laboratories, Public Safety and Justice Facilities, Federal and Local Government Buildings.

  • Paid time off
  • Healthcare and Dentalcare Benefits
  • Paid Life/ ST & LT Disability Insurance coverage
  • 401K and Profit Sharing
  • Annual Bonuses
  • Employee Assistance program
  • Referral program
  • Tuition Assistance

Our offices have open plan working spaces, double monitor desks, company vehicles for travel and large conference spaces with the ability to communicate between all our offices. We design multi-million dollar buildings and are registered in more than 25 states with a family-orientated office vibe.

Team Member Qualifications

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